Dr. Matthias H. Rauert

Dr. Matthias H. Rauert

Born in Lübeck, North Germany.

1976 High school diploma at the 'Johanneum' high school Lübeck (with preparatory work at 'Bugenhagen' boarding school, Timmendorfer Strand, 1970 — 1972).

1977 — 1987
a- commercial apprenticeship in wholesale trade for sound storage media.
b- alternative civil service.
c- five years study of folklore, social-economy history and art history at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

1987 — 1988 employee at the Altonaer Museum/North German State Museum in Hamburg. Participated in modernization of the permanent exhibition.

From August 1988 freelance journalist at 'NORD-Magazin für Kultur, Politik und Wirtschaft', a periodical reporting on culture, politics, and economy.

January 1991, staff reporter at the NORD-Magazin Publishing House. Covered, among other topics, exhibitions of contemporary art and developments in the east German states (i. e. the territory of the former German Democratic Republik).

January 1992 also employee at 'Kultur in Hamburg', a monthly report about cultural events in the city.

May 1992 deputy chief editor of 'NORD-Magazin'.

October 1992 responsible editor at Kümpers Publishing House Hamburg.

October 1997 Ph.D. with first-class honors at the University of Hamburg.

July 1998 — May 2001 planning, conception and coordination of the exhibition '400 years Mennonites in Altona and Hamburg' (400 Jahre Mennoniten in Altona und Hamburg, exhibition May 25 — Aug. 19, 2001, including edition of the exhibition catalogue).

June 2001 — December 2004 academic research associate, Theological Faculty, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, project: Catalogization of Hutterite manuscripts and books from former possession of the Hutterites in Europe (under the direction of Prof. Dr. Gottfried Seebass). Areas: Hungary, eastern part of Austria, Switzerland, Wolfenbüttel and Stuttgart.

October 2005 — Developement of the first church historical exhibition on an interactive CD-ROM in Germany (together with Thomas Schamp and others), which was edited under the title 400 Jahre Mennoniten in Altona und Hamburg 1601—2001, 400 Jahre Niederländerverträge mit Hamburg 1605—2005 by Annelie Kümpers-Greve and the Mennonitischer Geschichtsverein (Mennonite Historical Society, Bolanden-Weierhof) as contribution of the Mennonite congregation of Hamburg to the jubilee 400 Jahre Niederländerverträge mit Hamburg 1605—2005 (2nd edition in December 2005).

Lives in Germany and Hungary, works as co-publisher of the GeniaNet Publishing House, Ltd. as well as freelance author and writer. He is editor of the 'Dissertationes Scientiarum Variarum' series and also editor and co-publisher of the 'Vivarium Fontium' series.

Since 1992 he is married with PhD Dr. Mária Magdolna Kiss, Pécs.