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Edition of a handwritten biblical concordance,
which has been recently discovered in Hungary



Matthias H. Rauert (ed.): Die Bibelkonkordanz des Peter Riedemann
(Biblical concordance of Peter Riedemann)

Froschauer Bible from 1530


The handwritten concordance on the margins of an old Froschauer bible printed in 1530 has been discovered in March 2004. It was examined and briefly described for the "Catalogue of the Hutterite handwritings and printings from Hutterite possession in Europe'' (Katalog der hutterischen Schriften und der Drucke aus hutterischem Besitz in Europa, ed. by Gottfried Seebass, Gütersloh, 2011).

A closer examination led to the hypothesis, that the concordance was developed between 1530 and 1545 by Peter Riedemann, the famous leader of the Hutterites untill 1556, using sources like the writings of Hans Hut, Hans Schlaffer and other early anabaptist martyrs and perhaps influenced by Martin Luther's early writings too.

An extended study about the two known copyists of the concordance – the younger scribe, from Swiss origin, compilated all entries into a table of content, bound-in at the end of the bible – in the context of Riedemanns theological writings and his numerous hymns maybe can proof these suggestions.


Froschauer Bible, 4°, in a typical Hutterite leather-binding  





This website will be extended by a photogallery, which will present rare historical photographies of the Koberg market-place in Lübeck, Germany.



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This section requires a closer description of my work with interactive mediums (from CD-ROM to the so-called "LectureFlash", 1999–2010). Coming soon!


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In August 2011 I established a positioning system based on google maps on my website This system is easy to handle and fits to world-wide operating vessels and expeditions.


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