About me • Über mich

Dr. phil. Matthias H. Rauert studied Cultural Anthropology (in German: Volkskunde; in Hungarian: Néprajz), History and Art History in Hamburg and Rome.
He also has the master craftsman's diploma in wholesale and foreign trade.
He lives since 1998 alternately in Hungary and Germany.

Rauert's favorite topics are user practice - #HandlingOfThings - and #userrights on the #internet, especially in #socialmedia.

He stands for free speech everywhere and is a critic of digital transformation.
But it should always be a factual and objective discourse.


Tags: #digitaltransformation, Digitazation, Digitalisierung, Socialmedia, Socialnetwork, Internet, #Facebook, #Twitter, instagram, Forum, Administrator, Moderator, Nutzer, Soziales Netzwerk, #UmgangMitSachen